2011 “Best of Galveston” Winners Announced

The Tex-Mex Fandango cruise is almost here!  As of January 4th, it’s only 24 more days!  Get packing, and don’t forget to pack your dancin’ boots…

For our guests that are coming into Galveston the day before the cruise, here are some exciting restaurants, nightlife spots and sights to enjoy:


2011 Restaurant Winners include:

Favorite Italian Cuisine: With 3,473 votes cast in the category, Mario’s Seawall won 1st place with 1,206 votes; second place was Mario’s Ristorante with 979 votes

Favorite Place for Coffee & Dessert: With 1,148 votes cast in the category, MOD won 1st place with 401 votes; second place was LaKing’s Confectionery with 309 votes

Favorite Deli or Bakery: With 2,466 votes cast in the category, EATcetera won 1st place with 582 votes; second place was Tremont Cafe with 565 votes

Favorite Mexican Cuisine: With 1,709 votes cast in the category, The Original won 1st place with 570 votes; second place was Salsas with 304 votes

Favorite Greek Cuisine: With 1,538 votes cast in the category, Olympia the Grill at Pier 21won 1st place with 677 votes; second place was Olympia Grill on Seawall with 408 votes

Favorite Continental Cuisine: With 2,132 votes cast in the category, The Steakhouse won 1st place with 623 votes; second place was Bernardo’s with 551 votes

Favorite American Cuisine: With 2,897 votes cast in the category, The Jungle won 1st place with 718 votes; second place was Mosquito Cafe with 487 votes

Favorite Asian Cuisine: With 1,651 votes cast in the category, Sky Bar won 1st place with 455 votes; second place was Yamato with 442 votes

Favorite Barbecue: With 2,348 votes cast in the category, Leon’s Finest In & Out won 1st place with 1,287 votes; second place was Queen’s with 918 votes

Favorite Seafood: With 2,607 votes cast in the category, Saltwater Grill won 1st place with 473 votes; second place was Gaido’s with 429 votes

Favorite Place to Find Locals: With 1,768 votes cast in the category, Shrimp N Stuff won 1st place with 530 votes; second place was Sonny’s Place with 462 votes

Favorite Special Fare: With 1,540 votes cast in the category, The Rainforest Cafe won 1st place with 355 votes; second place was Maceo Spice & Import Company with 283 votes


2011 Nightlife Winners include:

Favorite Live Music Venue: With 1,255 votes cast in the category, B. Jigger’s won 1st place with 374 votes; second place was Yaga’s with 305 votes

Favorite Pub / Tavern: With 1,027 votes cast in the category, The Press Box won 1st place with 334 votes; second place was Murphy’s Pub with 228 votes

Favorite Ultra Lounge: With 1,226 votes cast in the category, H2O won 1st place with 471 votes; second place was 21 with 463 votes

Favorite Beach Bar: With 1,367 votes cast in the category, The Spot Tiki Bar won 1st place with 451 votes; second place was Riptide with 244 votes

Favorite Gay-Friendly Bar: With 1,064 votes cast in the category, 3rd Coast won 1st place with 484 votes; second place was Stars with 366 votes

Favorite Social Bar: With 1,336 votes cast in the category, The San Luis Bar won 1st place with 471 votes; second place was Toujouse Bar with 388 votes

2011 Tourism Winners include:

Favorite Museum: With 3,372 votes cast in the category, Seawolf Park won 1st place with 724 votes; second place was Rosenberg Library with 688 votes

Favorite Historic Building: With 2,166 votes cast in the category, The Bishop’s Palace won 1st place with 1,116 votes; second place was Ashton Villa with 382 votes

Favorite Arts & Entertainment Venue: With 2,960 votes cast in the category, The Grand 1894 Opera House won 1st place with 1,043 votes; second place was ArtWalk with 730 votes

Favorite Art Gallery: With 1,906 votes cast in the category, Wagner Sousa Modern Art won 1st place with 417 votes; second place was Rene’ Wiley Studio & Gallery with 319 votes

Favorite Event: With 5,321 votes cast in the category, Mardi Gras won 1st place with 1,048 votes; second place was Dickens on The Strand with 768 votes

Favorite “Thing to Do’ on Galveston Island: With 22,113 votes cast in the category,Galveston’s Beaches won 1st place with 8,900 votes; second place was Moody Gardenswith 2,515 votes

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