4 Nights to dance to T. Gozney Thornton and Guests on Tex Mex Fandango & Blues Cruise IV

Augie Meyers, T Gozney Thornton, Joe Forlini, Joe Dianda, and Manuel Burciaga

Augie Meyers, T Gozney Thornton, Joe Forlini, Joe Dianda, and Manuel Burciaga

There is always plenty of entertainment on the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas, but the action is with T. Gozney Thornton, Old Hat Band, and all his special guests!

There are 4 performances to ‘Get Yer Dancin’ Boots‘ on and have a Fandango of a Time!  3 of the performances are private just to our Tex Mex Fandango group and are open bar.  In the Lotus Lounge: 1/29 from 8pm – 10pm; 1/31 and 2/4 9pm – midnight.

There is a Shipwide performance for all guests on the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas on 2/3 in the Lotus Lounge from 8pm to 10pm, cash bar.

Don’t forget Wig Night on 2/4 at the private performance (Optional to wear wig!) Take a look at the next post ‘Tex Mex Fandango Wig Night’ and see what a great time we have.

At the last performance we draw for $500 towards your final payment if you have reserved the next annual Tex Mex Fandango cruise with just $25 per person.

Cindy Jordan and Tiana Thornton

Don’t think that T. Gozney Thornton and all his friends only perform at night….they also like to jam during the days at sea. You can join in and listen to them jam, or you can join in with Cindy Jordan and her Sing-A-Longs to favorite songs.

The Jam Sessions are in the Cloud Nine Lounge on 1/30; 1/31 and 2/4 from 2pm – 3pm.

Watch some of our dancers while you enjoy listening to T. Gozney Thornton singing his song ‘Strawberry Stallion‘ from his CD ‘Legends Before the Fall ‘.


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