“OLD HAT BAND” … a pack of “Old Dogs” with a bag of “New Licks” led by T. Gozney Thornton, has a tasty Tex-Mex sound that gets people on their feet and dancing the night away. The old dogs play what they call “Rockin-Tejano-Country”, an eclectic mix of Country, Rhythm & Blues and vintage Rock & Roll, with a dash of Tejano, served up hot and spicy like a good bowl of menudo. The band is made up of veteran road musicians who have “paid their dues” in the honkytonks and juke joints of America.

It seems like every single member of the Old Hat Band is there for a specific purpose. Take Joe Dianda for example. Joe Joe Dianda, along with his brother Gilbert, gained national fame leading the band “Coyote”.

The band Coyote by itself, and as the opening act for Little Joe & La Familia, were renowned in Tejano circles and popular throughout Texas and the Southwest. It was on the roads to the Tejano dance halls that Joe Dianda honed his skills, set his rythmn, and now adds a Tejano spice to The Old Hat Band. During every performance, Joe has the microphone all to himself as he sings some solo country favorites that you know the words to, with a distinctive Tejano twist. It’s all good.

When you attend a performance of T. Gozney and The Old Hat Band, the beat is kept in place by the drummer and that drummer is the fantastic Manuel Burciega. Manuel Burciega has been one of the premier drummers in West Texas for over twenty years, playing with the likes of Frank Trevino and other popular “Latin Bands”. Manuel and Joe serve up the “Hot Latin Rhythm” that drives the OLD HAT BAND like a well-oiled machine.

Manuel Cortez, known as El Maestro- is a keyboard wizard. Having played with Sonny and the Sunliners, Flaco Jimenez, Ruben Ramos and other TOP Tejano, bands, he lends a true TEX-MEX experience to the Old Hat Band.

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