Jimmy Butler is a talented songwriter and guitarist from the Austin, Texas area. He performs his own songs as well as selected covers when touring with his band. In addition, he does live performances with other artists and is in high demand as a session guitarist.

Jimmy’s Bio

Born the youngest of eight siblings and raised in the hills of Arkansas, Jimmy picked up his first guitar at the ripe old age of ten. An older brother introduced him to the Ventures and by age twelve he had played his first paying gig; a whole $10 bill was made, not to mention, he had his first sip of sour mash backstage.

By the age of seventeen he had played with Posie, Explorer, and The Leroy Brown Band, and jammed with numerous bands and musicians. One of these included some of the infamous Black Oak Arkansas Boys at their compound outside of Mt. Home Arkansas.

A southern tour followed from Texas to Florida with the world famous Drifters and The Coasters. Word was gettin’ around this boy was untamed and loaded for bear.

Detroit came a callin’ in 1977. Voyager, a touring band from Michigan, came through Northwest Arkansas and offered up a much needed change for Jimmy. Ah, Detroit motor city, rockin’ and rollin’ would be an understatement. The band Knuckles was formed and quickly lit a fire, literally. The drummer would blow flames in a particular set – let it suffice to say one night the dance floor got really hot! It was game on in the big city. Jimmy had such a hillbilly accent that people in Michigan thought he was from Europe! He performed in Canada, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Florida in the winter months. Knuckles recorded an all original album that has been locked away and never released.

Jimmy has said, “I’m not from Texas, but I got here as quick as I could“, and that was 1981. After teaming up with Rock Arts LTD and the River City Band, Austin,Texas became his new home. He jammed with Stevie Ray Vaughn at the Old Soap Creek Saloon. Jimmy’ has opened shows for Robin Trower, Pat Travers, Foghat and many more. He continues to write and perform live. He partnered with the Tono Music Group in 2009 for an all original project but only to have the producer be diagnosed with esophageal cancer and pass away before the project was completed. He currently has songwriting credits on the soon to be released EP ‘Dan Carroll: The Ride of My Life‘.

There’s lots more to tell, but Jimmy Butler would rather play and let the music do the talkin’. He now lives outside of Austin with his wife and children and said recently “I feel good enough to die“. Always full of surprises, always creative, always ready to kick a little ol’ fashion ass! “Love, Hugs and Good be on Ya’!” is his motto. You’ll be a better person for taking the time to get to know him.

Written by,
Jethro Bodine

You can listen to one of Jimmy Butler’s songs ‘Rocky Palace‘, just click on the hyperlink below:

Rocky Palace

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