Guitar virtuoso Joe Forlini has some friends in ‘high’ places and he has performed with them.  Joe has performed live with Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Bob Seger, Joe Ely, Calvin Russell, Steve Fromholz, Johnny Duncan, Roy Head, Chris Wall, Rusty Weir, Gary P. Nunn, and Larry Joe Taylor.

In demand both as a session player and performer, FORLINI has demonstrated that he has the CHOPS and the EDGE — whether it be Country, Blues, Jazz or Rock!

Tex Mex Fandango III is indeed lucky to be able to feature someone of Joe Forlini’s caliber and you will also get to meet Joe up close and personal.  He’s one of the ‘good guys’ and after you meet him in person, you will be among his friends for sure.

Having lived in Texas for the last 10 years, Forlini has developed a loyal following of fans. It certainly isn’t easy being a “Guitar Man” in a city that produced such greats as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson, but being in Austin’s charged musical atmosphere only inspired and motivated Joe Forlini to develop his enormous talent and unique style.

Joe Forlini’s latest album is titled, “Six String Highway.”
Soaring guitar solos and plaintive swells are the trademark sounds of this guitar virtuoso’s newest effort, Six String Highway.

It’s a  blend of acoustic rock with a hint of country with some mandolin thrown in to add a little flavor.   It leaves the listener with a wonderfully satisfied feeling, as if tasting a vintage wine for the first time or partaking of a surprising culinary delight.  Six String Highway is a taste that tantalizes the palate and leaves the listener yearning for more.

Forlini shows his mastery of the stringed instrument, stretching out,  and capturing the essence of “ While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” making it his own.  Forlini’s mournful voice and uncanny ear for the slightest nuance of the song, is able to combine the intelligence of Ian Tyson with the technical wizardry of Eric Johnson.

He crafts a tightly produced and well polished finished product, while maintaining the heart and soul of the troubadour.  From love songs to party songs to balladic symphonies, Six String Highway will appeal to Folk, Rock and Americana fans alike.

Many of Joe’s friends have thrown their “hat into the ring” on this project, to make it one the finest new efforts of the year. The timeless and legendary Augie Meyers of Sir Douglas Quintet and Texas Tornados fame, plays his signature VOX organ on his “Blame It On Love,” which along with Forlini’s transcendental guitar work, breaths a fresh and superlative vibe into the song.

Larry Joe Taylor sings with Joe on his “I Feel A Party Comin’ On” and if you listen closely, you can even  hear the beer bottles breaking as the party shifts into high gear.

And the last song on deck,  Forlini’s own, “If I Stayed With You, ” is a poignant cry of love that relates to everyone who has ever loved, moved on and wondered…“what if?”

Multi-talented Joe Forlini is among the best of the best and you can meet him and ‘his own angel’  named Deborah at the Tex Mex Fandango Cruise.  You can learn more about Joe at:

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