What’s There to do in Cozumel, Mexico?

Cozumel, Mexico is a favorite port for us. There is so much you can do.

The cruise ships dock at the pier, and you can walk off the ship and you are in downtown Cozumel.

Linda Wright, Shirley Looney, Phil, Ramona & David Werst at Palmeras in Cozumel, Mexico

There are several ship shore excursions to enjoy, from Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming with the Dolphins, Horseback riding, or jump on a boat and head over to Cancun. You don’t have to take a shore excursion to enjoy Cozumel. There are plenty of shops from Jewelry Stores, Duty Free Liquor Stores, Tequila Factory Stores, Boot Stores and even Cuban Cigar Stores. You can also have a relaxing delicious meal at several famous restaurants: Pancho’s Backyard and Palmeras. Or have fun and have an upside down Margarita at Senor Frogs or Carlos and Charlies…you’ll have to go to Cozumel to experience this, just don’t miss the boat!

Take a look at just a few fun things we found to do in Cozumel, Mexico! Enjoy listening to ‘Jose Cuervo, You are a Friend of Mine‘, by Cindy Jordan.

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Look Who’s Coming to Dinner on Royal Caribbean…

There are so many events on a Royal Caribbean ship and Dinner time is one of them!

Linda Wright, David Werst, and Shirley Looney

I think Dinner time is one of my most favorite events on a Cruise. Like at home with our family it’s when everyone gets together and talks about their day. It’s where we laugh, share special moments, and enjoy a delicious meal together.

The meals are so fantastic! Each night you will have a choice of different gourmet meals to choose from. Starting with an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Did I mention that you can order as much as you want, or can eat? For example on Lobster night, (Yes there is a Lobster night!) you can order as many lobster tails that you can eat! The best part is that it’s included in your cruise! No bill is presented to you after your meal. If you want a scoop of Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, go ahead…it’s your vacation and you can create your own meal.

There is also a standard menu included each night. What I mean by standard is you can order steak every night if you don’t want to venture to the gourmet meal. Or, heck order both! You can!

Dress code for the main dining room is very simple. Think of dressing as though you are going to a

David and Ramona Werst at Formal Night

restaurant in your home town. Not a fast food restaurant, but a sit down nicer restaurant. For women, cocktail dress, or resort casual wear. For men, khaki pants, polo shirts, or resort casual wear. What I’m trying to explain is that you won’t be turned away, they discourage shorts and tank tops, but you won’t get turned away. Funny story, some people decided to see how far they could push the dress code. 5 of them came down to dinner in the bathrobes from their staterooms and slippers. They did get a look, but guess what! They weren’t turned away!

There are 2 formal nights. This is not mandatory! The theory behind the formal nights, is so that you can dress up and have your pictures taken by a professional photographer. It’s also fun. In the olden days, every night on a cruise ship was a formal event! Formal to one person, is not the same for another person. You will see everything from Sunday dress, to cocktail attire, to Tux’s and formal gowns. Heck in Texas, ironed jeans and a hat is formal, and you’ll see that too.

Just have fun and remember, ‘It’s Your Vacation and you can dress the way you want!’

Enjoy the Photo Album of our guests from the Tex-Mex Fandango III while listening to T. Gozney Thornton’s new song ‘Necesita Nada Mas‘.

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3rd Annual Simply Texas Blues Festival

David and I enjoyed a full day at the 3rd Annual Simply Texas Blues Festival. The winner of the Blues Band Competition is: Blues Boy Willie & Texas Blues Runners! They will compete in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.

There were 15 bands in this year’s competition:
Eli Westin; Barefoot Mark; Trinity; Avalon; Reload Blues; Gasoline Alley; Spring Mill Grind; Thumpin’ Puppies; Blues Scientists; Swamp Sauce; Danny Brooks; Immediate Blues; Blues Boy Willie & Texas Blues Runners; Jennifer B. & Groove Kings; & Blues Crew.

We worked the Tex-Mex Fandango & Blues Cruise IV booth right in front of Sealy Flats Diner, ‘the coolest place in town‘! The music was fantastic, the food was delicious, and watching The San Angelo Blues Society working so hard made us appreciate the day even more.  This was an event that you could have easily spent $50 per person for, but because of the sponsors, it was all for FREE!

The day started with the Blessing of the Bikes, and the bike riders then headed out on the town for a poker run.  There was an old time Car Show, the 1967 GTO won.  And there was a Rib and Gumbo Cookoff along with plenty of Vendors, and Music all day long.

The evening was fantastic too.  Grady Champion, winner of the 2010 International Blues Challenge, performed that night.  He’s not one to perform on stage either.  He gets right into the audience while singing and playing his harps.

Grady Champion is a young, blues singer and harmonica player, born October 10, that has been compared to Sonny Boy Williamson, and people can hear exactly why on his Shanachie debut Payin’ for My Sins released August 24, 1999. The album includes a version of “Don’t Start Me to Talkin'” that really shows Grady’s high-energy singing and harmonica playing and an update of the traditional blues lament “Goin’ Down Slow” with an AIDS parable — a hard-bitten vignette of modern life. His revved-up, soulful vocalizing and the charm and insight he brings to his songwriting in numbers like the campy “My Rooster Is King” and the classic-sounding tale of infidelity “You Got Some Explaining to Do” (co-written by his producer Dennis Walker, who helped Robert Cray reach national fame) mark Grady as an important new talent.

We met a lot of interested cruise folks, talked all about Roatan, Honduras; Belize City, Belize and Cozumel, Mexico. Talked about the new ship for Galveston, Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas, and all about T. Gozney Thornton, Augie Meyers, Jeff Strahan, Joe Forlini, Cynthia Jordan and all the dancing that goes on.  We told everyone that we’ll have a Fandango of a Time!

Organizers from Midland were attending the event, giving away t-shirts to promote the Tall City Blues Festival, July 29 – 31st, 2011.

We have found out that Jeff Strahan and his band will be performing in the Tall City Blues Festival in Midland, Texas, July 29 – 31, 2011.

It’s really a fun packed event and if you are a Blues Music Fan, you will want to attend. If you are a Jeff Strahan fan, you will want to attend and cheer him on.

July 29th - July 31th, 2011

Tall City Blues Fest will take place in Centennial Park Plaza located in downtown Midland, TX. Centennial Park Plaza is located between the old County Courthouse building and the Midland Center and is bound by Texas Street to the north and Wall Street to the south.


The Festival grounds will include the Midland Center, the Hilton Midland Plaza, and the old County Courthouse building, Texas Street (from Colorado to Main) and Wall Street (from Colorado to Main).




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Only a few cabins left at this low price!

Balcony Cabin
$1,058.00 per person*
(*includes port fees, taxes and (3) 2 hour private performances with open bar)

5 Cabins left!*




Oceanview Cabin
$958.00 per person*
(*includes port fees, taxes and (3) 2 hour private performances with open bar)

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Inside Promenade Cabin
$858.00 per person*
(*includes port fees, taxes and (3) 2 hour private performances with open bar)

5 Cabins left!*

* Cabins left at this price.  Prices could go up!

3rd and 4th person quotes available
Travel Insurance also available and HIGHLY recommended!

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Alamo falls March 6, 1836

There were many observances and recognitions that went on in San Antonio and around the state over the weekend of March 5th, 2011 marking the 175th anniversary of the March 6 Fall of The Alamo in 1836.

KR Wood and T Gozney Thornton

There were performances by The Fathers of Texas including T. Gozney Thornton, K.R. Wood and the Gone to Texas band, former Texas poet Laureate Steven Fromholz, Doug Moreland and many other talented performers and presenters. There was even a sunrise service in front of the Alamo.

T. Gozney Thornton joins Ray Wylie Hubbard on the song ‘General Sam Houston’ which is also narrated by Guich Koch.  Enjoy watching this video photo album while listening to the song ‘General Sam Houston’.

You can check out all the pictures on the Facebook photo album.

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Day 1 Down to Mexico

The day has come, and we’re heading down to Mexico on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas.  It was a full day, getting checked in and on the ship.  Now it’s Fandango Time!

As we pull out of Galveston, we can see the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum.  I need to make sure that we go and tour that attraction the next time we are in Galveston.  You can take a leisurely, self-guided tour through the retired Ocean Star jack-up rig which now serves as a museum and educational facility. From geological exploration, to drilling, to oil and gas production, you will see offshore drilling equipment, exhibits and videos on three levels of this refurbished offshore drilling rig.

We needed to get one piece of business out of the way and then, it’s 7 days of having a Fandango of a Time!  The lifeboat drill is mandatory and is very different from a few years ago.  You used to have to go to your cabin, get your life jacket and report to your muster station.  You would be standing outside on deck while everyone on shore wondered what the heck we were doing standing on deck in bright orange life jackets!

Now, you only have to report to your muster station, and ours was in the main dining room.  We were escorted to sit at tables and wait for the all clear notification.

After the all clear notification, it was time to find T. Gozney Thornton and the gang, for a jam session.  The ship is so big and everyone is wandering around totally lost.  We had an idea that T. Gozney Thornton and the rest of the gang, would be jamming out by the pool with cocktails in hand.

Yep, they’re here!  We settled in with a tropical Piña Colada, and enjoyed listening to T. Gozney Thornton singing and playing his guitar.

The jam sessions are very informal and if you can sing or play an instrument, then come on and join in.  A song or two may even be written!

It’s time to head to our rooms and hope our luggage is delivered so we can unpack and get dressed for supper.  We are scheduled for the early seating so we can enjoy T. Gozney Thornton and all his guest performers private shows and dance the night away.  We have 3 private parties and 1 shipwide party to enjoy dancing and having a Fandango of a time!

Wouldn’t you know it, a piece of our luggage was missing!  I’m the travel agent and know better than to try to smuggle items that are not allowed.  How embarrassing, I have to go and stand in line (kinda felt like getting into trouble and going to the principal’s office) and explain what’s in my luggage.  The inspectors can’t open your luggage without you present, and there were some suspicious bottles of liquid showing up on the x-ray machine!  Haven’t they seen the large bottles of shampoo and conditioner before!!!  That’s all it was, so they gave me my piece of luggage.

Now to go to our first dining event.  When you cruise you might as well know that you can gain 10 or more pounds.  They sure don’t starve you!  You can not only eat all you want in the main dining room, but you can find food all over the ship.  From buffets poolside, pizza and deli items on the promenade, to being able to order room service 24 hours a day, and the food is all included! (There are also other foods offered for a small fee, so if you just have to have a milkshake from Johnny Rockets or an ice cream cone from Ben & Jerry’s, then you’ll just have to splurge and get one!)

The waiters, sang to us tonight.  Texas style.  They sang songs from Texas, like ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’.

After enjoying our 1st delicious supper, David and I went to the Promenade to people watch and enjoy a cup of coffee.  The Promenade is where you will see everyone!  You can sit at bistro style tables, sip on a cup of coffee and it feels as though you were in Paris at a little outdoor cafe.  Oh, I forgot, we’re on a ship!

We’re on our way to Cozumel, Mexico, and tomorrow is a full day at sea.  Enjoy our 1st day photo album, while listening to Augie Meyers song ‘Down to Mexico‘ from his CD ‘Alive and Well at Lake Taco‘.

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Galveston Texas Sites and Sounds

So you’re going on a cruise out of Galveston. How would you like to get your vacation started early before you get on the cruise ship?

Most of you are traveling a distance to get to Galveston, or flying into Houston. You’re probably going to stay in a hotel the night before you cruise out of Galveston. So why not start your vacation early?

Galveston has so many sites to see and experience that you could spend a whole vacation there and never see them all!

If you can get to Galveston as early in the day as possible, check into your hotel and the rest of the day and evening are yours to explore Galveston. There are historical mansions, plenty of delicious restaurants, lots of shopping and all kinds of site seeing to do. Oh, did I mention, the beautiful Gulf of Mexico? You can walk miles along the beach, or rent a pedal cart and ride it right on the sidewalk next to the seawall.

Take a look at a video of sites you can see in Galveston, Texas. Enjoy the song ‘If Texas Were A Woman‘ written and sung by Cynthia Jordan and see how much fun you can have even if it’s just for the day before you cruise.

8 Things to Do in Galveston, Texas

(From the Tex-Mex Fandango ebook coming soon!)

From historic homes and modern attractions to beaches that are perfect for weekend getaways, Galveston is a great all-around destination for the lone traveler and the vacationing family alike. What’s there to do in Galveston? Here are some of them—aside from catching the cruise of a lifetime, that is.

1. Get Your Bearings at the Visitor’s Center.

It’s a great place to start. The Galveston Island Visitors Center is a treasure trove of information about the island. Brochures aplenty, free maps, and very friendly guides eager to help you get the fun you have in mind are only some of the things you will find after a quick stop at the Center.

2. Step Back in Time.

Where better to go sightseeing than in a romantic island nestled deep in the heart of Texas?

Galveston played a major role in Texas history, and its buildings and landmarks remain proof of this. Not surprisingly, Galveston packs a lot of sightseeing punch—it’s home to no less than six historic districts, after all.

It also has one of the most historically significant—and largest—collections of 19th century buildings, with more than 60 structures made a part of the National Register of Historic Places! So, stroll all you want through Galveston’s many historic districts or explore any of the historic houses which are open for public viewing—you won’t run out of landmark buildings to take photos of! Stepping back in time in Galveston is a treat by itself. Take your time and enjoy.

Don’t miss this in Galveston…..

  • Take a ride on the Paddlewheel boat The Colonel. The Captain or his spokesperson gives a great discussion on sights of the area and depending on the weather, you can even schedule in an evening cruise with dinner and live music. Really enjoyable. It’s held from April-Labor Day with cruises at noon, 2p.m., 4p.m., and 7 p.m. From September through March – cruises are at 7:00 p.m. Call Moody Gardens for more information: Cruise Schedule, One-hour cruises across Galveston’s Offatts Bayou: Weekday Cruises: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 1 p.m. Weekend Cruises: Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Due to weather interference and occasional schedule changes, we encourage you to please call 1-800-582-4673 to verify the schedule.
  • Visit Ashton Villa. Be sure you check on this tour because Ashton Villa has been undergoing major renovations. It’s an impressive 1859 Italianate brick mansion construction by a New Yorker who later became one of the richest men in Texas. His name was James Moreau Brown. Mr. Brown was a prosperous hardware merchant in Galveston. Ashton Villa is located at 2328 Broadway – Galveston, TX 77550 – Phone: (409)762-3933.
  • Learn about the 1900 storm. For a really informative and exceptional documentary account of the great Galveston hurricane of 1900 that took an estimated 8,000 lives, be sure to visit the Pier 21 Theater for a viewing. It’s open Sunday-Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11a.m. to 8p.m. The documentary movie runs every hour on the half hour. Pier 21 Theater is located at Harborside Dr. and 21st Street.

3. Visit Museums.

The island has slew of top-notch museums, including the Texas Seaport and the Tall Ship Elissa, the Lone Star Flight Museum, and the Galveston Railroad.

The Galveston County Historical Museum is located at 2219 Market St. (409/766-2340) and is full of the wonder that makes Galveston is such a great place to visit. For example, there is the building used to house the city bank. This old site was transformed into a fantastic museum full of Texas culture and life. The architecture here is marvelous, and once inside, you are sure to be impressed by the sights and highlights of Galveston that are on display. The exhibits here are great, and if you have any questions, the staff is quite knowledgeable and helpful.

The Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum is a fantastic museum and can be found at Pier 19 (409/766-STAR, www.oceanstaroec.com). There are three decks full of exhibits and hands-on displays that are outstanding. You are given the chance to see exactly how gas and oil are drilled for off the shores of Galveston. New interactive technology enables you to be linked to drilling sites all over the world, and the result is fascinating.

4. Shop in The Strand.

Long before The Strand became the shopping mecca of the island, it was late 1800 Galveston’s commercial center. Shop ’til you drop at The Strand, where you can buy your fill of upscale, artsy, or trendy finds. Be sure to drop by Col. Bubby’s surplus store. It is a musty place filled with vintage military surplus items.

5. Join Revelers of the Mardi Gras.

Everything is bigger and better in Texas, they say. Well, there’s no doubting that Mardi Gras is bigger and definitely better in Galveston. How big? Texas-sized partying for 11 nights and 12 days before lent—that kind of big! This comes as no surprise, though. Galveston is world-famous for its many festivals—from Epicurean Evening, to Dickens on the Strand, to Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras in Galveston was from February 12 until Fat Tuesday, March 8, 2011.

6. Chase Bad Moods Away at Moody Gardens.

Moody is the last thing you will be at the Moody Gardens. It is awesome! Just the Aquarium is worth the visit.

After all, a visit to this lush paradise created by the Moody family is a vacation on its own! A profuse growth of tropical plants, three pyramids that house among others a 10-story rainforest, a 1.5-million-gallon pyramid aquarium, and the educationally-enriching Discovery Museum, a memorial for Vietnam veterans, the 19th century-styled Colonel Paddle wheeler complete with hour-long narrative cruises, a Palm Beach—freshwater lagoons, white sands, and all—and theaters for educational viewing.

Moody Gardens is a pleasurable opportunity to see an unbelievable creation of beauty. A partly synthetic, partly authentic ten-story rainforest was created to showcase the Amazon habitat. Walking around this marvel is a mind-expanding and breathtaking experience. The Aquarium Pyramid is a 100,000 square foot phenomenon and is the largest such exhibit in the world. In addition, there is a bat exhibit that is the largest in the Southwest.

Also, the last time we visited Moody Gardens had a fantastic penguin exhibit. Don’t miss Moody Gardens.

7. Get Wet in the Waterpark.

We haven’t been here yet, but we know if it is a Schlitterbahn, we will like it. Like all the Schlitterbahn parks, Galveston’s Schlitterbahn has innovative and unique rides for everyone. Unlike all other water parks in the world, however, the island’s water park is convertible—it’s perfect for outdoor fun during summers and indoor enjoyment during winters. Enjoy water coasters, whitewater rapids, water slides, hot tubs, wave pools, and more!

8. Wine and Dine.

Hungry? Whether you’re hankering for margaritas and tacos along the bay or oysters by the seawall, you won’t run out of good eats in Galveston. Here are some of your options.

Note: Hours on Galveston’s fine restaurants may be seasonal and subject to change.

  • Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant.

Found along Seawall Boulevard, Gaido’s is a dining institution of the island—and with good reason! You can buy their Seafood cookbook containing 100 years’ worth of history and great recipes. Monday through Thursday 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. and Sunday 11:00 a.m. until 8:30 p.m.


  • Shrimp ‘n’ Stuff: For nearly 30 years, this is where locals head for seafood. Favorites include gumbo, fried fish, oysters, and hush puppies. They have one of the best shrimp po-boys on the coast. We had lunch there a day before we sailed on a cruise and it was good. Nothing fancy here, just good basic seafood, gumbo and po-boys. Sunday – Thursday 10:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10:00 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. 3901 Ave. O.
  • Clary’s Seafood Restaurant: Jackets are required for men here. Yep, it’s that kind of place. It’s one of the pricier and fancier places in Galveston. All kinds of seafood with an emphasis on Cajun inspired dishes. Closed Sunday and Mondays, Open Tuesday – Saturday 4:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. 8509 Teichman Rd.
  • Saltwater Grill: Reservations recommended. Very popular and possibly the best seafood in town. Lunch Monday through Friday 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and dinner Monday through Saturday 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. 2017 Post Office St.
  • Mod Coffee and Tea House: Less expensive than a lot of other places, good food. Open daily 7 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. 2126 Post Office St.
  • The Spot Restaurant and Tiki Bar. Waterfront dining featuring hamburgers, seafood, ice cream, arcade, and tiki bar. See and be seen at The Spot. 3204 Seawall Blvd. 11:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.
  • Joe’s Seafood. This is where they have seafood, po boys, fried chicken and Chinese favorites in a friendly and casual atmosphere. Open daily 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. 3702 Broadway Blvd.
  • Rudy & Paco. Top billed as the most innovative dining experience in Galveston, this restaurant offers a steak and grilled seafood with a Central American twist. It’s located next to the Grand 1894 Galveston Opera House making it a great choice for a pre-show place to eat. 2028 Post Office St. Lunch M-F 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Dinner Monday through Saturday 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Closed Sunday.

The Star Drugstore is a delightful place to visit in downtown Galveston…….

And don’t forget Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s right next to the cruise terminal. No kidding, you can walk outside and see the cruise ships up close and in all their glory. We have dined there many times. It’s always good and right on the water overlooking the Texas Tall ship Elyssa.

Located at Pier 22. Sunday through Thursday 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.

Galveston is just full of good places to eat and these are just some that we know about. If you have a recommendation, contact us and we’ll see what we can do about adding it to our list. Have fun and explore some on your own.

Here’s one last stop before you head home….

Shrimp Run…..

One of our last stops before we go back home is to make a fresh shrimp stop at the pier. As you are facing Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant which is right next to the cruise pier, turn right and follow the train tracks as you head over to the pier where fresh fish and fresh shrimp are sold by the pound.

It’s probably on about 19th street all the way down to the water. It’s about a hundred yards or so over there from Fisherman’s Wharf if you are walking. There are two fish vendors located there and as I remember, one is called Katie’s Fresh Fish. The other is Sampson and Sons. Both are good Galveston shrimp vendors.

We have also stopped in Port Aransas to get shrimp from the good ship Pollyanna. Jumbo shrimp are around $5.99 per pound straight off the ship…..very good.

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T. Gozney Thornton at San Angelo Rodeo

There’s a buzz around town when the rodeo is here.  Fancy trucks pulling trailers, horses and livestock groomed and don’t forget boots and buckles being polished getting ready for 2 weeks of competitions at the San Angelo Fairgrounds.  San Angelo has turned into one of the very top rodeos in the entire country.  Yes, it’s a big deal to professional cowboys.

I love walking through the exhibits and seeing all the beautiful different livestock.  Then I’m on to the art show; There are so many talented people involved.  They even have a baking contest.  I wish I could be a judge.  There are folks selling all kinds of neat stuff from fancy boots to metal buildings.

As a kid, I used to love the carnival at the rodeo.  All the rides, the big stuffed animals you could win at the games; but most of all, the JUNK FOOD!  I would always end up with a stomach ache because I would try to eat all the food I could in one night! When the Rodeo comes to town, I know that I am going try to be the first in line to get a hand dipped corn dog, a funnel cake, and a turkey leg.

I’ve seen the performances in the coliseum and in awe watching the cowboys rope steers and riding the bulls.  My most favorite part is the Barrel Racing and this year we were able to watch Tiana Thornton compete.  You won’t believe this, but we were in such a trance watching her, that I didn’t video her performance!  After she was finished, I looked at my camera, which was in my lap and couldn’t believe that I didn’t video a thing.  Tiana was fantastic as she raced around the barrels.  I was sitting on the edge of my chair cheering her on. Since I didn’t get a video, I did remember to take a picture. She didn’t get in the money, but she is a winner in my books.  She was competing against other professionals from all over the USA.  Way to go Tiana!

Every night after the rodeo, there are dances for all the cowboys and cowgirls and those attending the Rodeo to kick up their heels.  They shower and change and ‘git their dancin boots’ on.  I love watching them dance, with their fancy turns, 2 steppin dips, and I’ve never seen so many cowboys dancing with a beer in one hand and their girl in the other.

T. Gozney Thornton and Old Hat Band performed in the Buffalo Social Club.  The Buffalo Social Club, also known as the ‘beer barn’ has great atmosphere.   It’s an open dancehall with a bar filled with plenty of beer, peanut shells on the floor and plenty of dancing room.  T. Gozney Thornton and Old Hat Band entertained the crowd and kept them dancing the night away.  He even sang his new song ‘Necesita Nada Mas’, it’s going to be a #1 hit!  With it’s spicy Tex-Mex flavor, it’s a real good dancin’ song with lyrics in English and Spanish.

Take a look at the video photo album while you listen to T. Gozney Thornton’s ‘Strawberry Stallion‘ from his CD Legends Before The Fall.  You can purchase your copy of the CD at: http://cdbaby.com/cd/tgozneythornton

You can come out and join T. Gozney and Old Hat Band and have a Fandango of a Time at any of his performances around San Angelo and Texas.  Check out the Calendar of Events.  And remember, he is the originator of the Tex-Mex Fandango Cruise & Blues Cruise that sails out in January 2012.

Come and be a part of this fantastic cruise with all of us and enjoy great performances, dancing music, great people, new friends, and plenty of fun.  It is something really interesting to be involved in and you can easily be involved by calling Texas Cruise Company at 325-835-7561.

A small deposit can guarantee your stateroom.

Go ahead and make the call, you will be glad you did!

If you answered all questions which demand the answer. That dared buy levitra and you won’t regret for one second. This opinion of many years of supervision. A lot of powder is in these boxes.

Jeff Strahan at Sealy Flats

Jeff Strahan at Sealy Flats

Jeff Strahan was at Sealy Flats on February 24, 2011.

T. Gozney Thornton has invited Jeff to join the Tex-Mex Fandango Cruise making it now the Tex-Mex Fandango & Blues Cruise IV.  With Jeff’s style of music and his electrifying personality, he will surely be a great addition to the group.

Jeff is going to release his new album ‘Wayward Son‘   it’s not a Blues Music album, but with more of an Americana sound.  He found a niche writing Blues songs and competing in competitions, but now he’s changing his style.   The style now is everything from Johnny Cash to Los Lonely Boys, whatever feels good at the time.

Jeff will be releasing his new album at Sealy Flats in San Angelo, Texas on April 2nd, 2011 at 6:30pm.  You will want to make reservations for this event early, it’s going to be a Fandango of a Time!

You can get to know Jeff a little better by watching my interview with him. To read his story go to:  Jeff Strahan

It was a FANTASTIC performance, with Jeff Strahan and his band, Joseph Ortiz on Drums and Robert

Jeff Strahan, Robert Fulton, and Joseph Ortiz

Fulton on Bass Guitar.  His songs are stories of Friends of Jeff’s, and some of them are real characters.  His energy, without any breaks, was amazing.  As he told a story about the song and then went right into the song, it gave the song a whole new life all it’s own.  Sounds like you may want to be careful if you let your hair down when you’re around Jeff or your story may end up being told to all!

We can’t wait to get Jeff and his band on the cruise.  They are going to rock the boat!

This video is just a clip of a few of Jeff’s songs that he performed for us at Sealy Flats.  You don’t want to miss out on seeing one of his live performances.  You can see his schedule on the Tex-Mex Fandango Events Calendar.  If you are able to see Jeff live, come back and comment just to let us know where you saw Jeff Strahan!

Check out Jeff Strahan at Sealy Flats photo album:  Jeff Strahan Photo Album

Jeff ended the evening singing his song ‘Superman‘ to Lois, the special lady in his life.

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Phyllis Inman is the Winner of $500!

If you just magically received an extra $500 and you love cruising and country music, what would you do?

We can’t think of a better way to end a wonderful cruise and to start a new cruise season, than by giving away $500 to a lucky winner!

Ramona and David Werst of Texas Cruise Company, the Tex-Mex Fandango travel agents, gave away $500 towards the final payment of the 2012

David Werst, Phyllis Inman winner of the $500 drawing, and Ramona Werst

Tex-Mex Fandango Blues Music Cruise IV. The drawing was on February 4, 2011 at the T. Gozney Thornton and Old Hat Band performance on board the Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas. Phyllis Inman was the big winner!

Phyllis is from Iraan and has been on all 3 of the previous Tex-Mex Fandango cruises and now is going to attend the Tex-Mex Fandango Blues Music Cruise IV in 2012.

Phyllis and her husband Bob were with a group

Phyllis & Bob Inman; Sheila & Sam Douglas; Mike & Kathy Dolan; Sylvia Lee; Diana & Doug McAnally

of Iraan friends on this year’s cruise: Sheila and Sam Douglas, Sylvia Lee and Diana and Doug McAnally and they will all join her on the Tex-Mex Fandango Blues Music Cruise IV.

The good news?  You can join in on  the fun by signing up to attend the next cruise which is all set for January 29-February 5, 2012.  The next cruise will sail right out of Galveston on a new ship, Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas and will visit new ports including Roatan, Honduaras; Belize City, Belize; and Cozumel Mexico.

Phyllis and Bob Inman

Come join us for lot’s of fun, dancing and warm Caribbean waters.

Call Texas Cruise Company at 325-835-7561 to make your reservations for the 2012 Tex Mex Fandango Cruise.  Having this much fun should be illegal….but lucky for us, it’s not.

Boy did the Iraan group have fun!

Mike Dolan; Sylvia Lee; Diana & Doug McAnally; Sam & Sheila Douglas; Phyllis and Bob Inman; and Kathy Dolan

The Iraan group attended a shore excursion in Cozumel, Mexico called ‘Salsa, Salsa, and Margaritas‘ where they learned how to make authentic Mexican Salsa and Margaritas.

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