Look Who’s Coming to Dinner on Royal Caribbean…

There are so many events on a Royal Caribbean ship and Dinner time is one of them!

Linda Wright, David Werst, and Shirley Looney

I think Dinner time is one of my most favorite events on a Cruise. Like at home with our family it’s when everyone gets together and talks about their day. It’s where we laugh, share special moments, and enjoy a delicious meal together.

The meals are so fantastic! Each night you will have a choice of different gourmet meals to choose from. Starting with an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Did I mention that you can order as much as you want, or can eat? For example on Lobster night, (Yes there is a Lobster night!) you can order as many lobster tails that you can eat! The best part is that it’s included in your cruise! No bill is presented to you after your meal. If you want a scoop of Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, go ahead…it’s your vacation and you can create your own meal.

There is also a standard menu included each night. What I mean by standard is you can order steak every night if you don’t want to venture to the gourmet meal. Or, heck order both! You can!

Dress code for the main dining room is very simple. Think of dressing as though you are going to a

David and Ramona Werst at Formal Night

restaurant in your home town. Not a fast food restaurant, but a sit down nicer restaurant. For women, cocktail dress, or resort casual wear. For men, khaki pants, polo shirts, or resort casual wear. What I’m trying to explain is that you won’t be turned away, they discourage shorts and tank tops, but you won’t get turned away. Funny story, some people decided to see how far they could push the dress code. 5 of them came down to dinner in the bathrobes from their staterooms and slippers. They did get a look, but guess what! They weren’t turned away!

There are 2 formal nights. This is not mandatory! The theory behind the formal nights, is so that you can dress up and have your pictures taken by a professional photographer. It’s also fun. In the olden days, every night on a cruise ship was a formal event! Formal to one person, is not the same for another person. You will see everything from Sunday dress, to cocktail attire, to Tux’s and formal gowns. Heck in Texas, ironed jeans and a hat is formal, and you’ll see that too.

Just have fun and remember, ‘It’s Your Vacation and you can dress the way you want!’

Enjoy the Photo Album of our guests from the Tex-Mex Fandango III while listening to T. Gozney Thornton’s new song ‘Necesita Nada Mas‘.

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