Those who love to enjoy a good Texas Cruise often ask what to wear on a cruise. We don’t always wear cowboys hats and boots, but I have to say, I often see plenty of cowboy hats and boots on a Texas Cruise on either of the Carnival ships or Royal Caribbean. After all, it’s a cruise from the Texas port of Galveston.

We know there is a lot of casual dress onboard ship, that’s why we take a cruise in the first place, but there are also times you will want to dress it up a little in the evening dining rooms. You might want to take the opportunity to have your photo taken by one of the photographers onboard. Some of you Texas Cruise folks clean up real nice.

Onboard ship they will have several modes of dress including casual, dressy casual and formal.

Here are some suggested guidelines for the dining rooms. We’re talking about the evening dining rooms here, not the casual area dining rooms and fast food places…which I also love.

Casual: Casual means it’s sport shirts and chinos style pants for men, sundresses or pants for women. I often wear Dockers and a polo style shirt. My wife prefers that I wear a button down shirt.
Dressy Casual: Jackets and ties for men, dresses or pantsuits for women.

Formal: Hardly any of us have our own Tux, so your suit will do just fine. So let it be suits and ties or tuxedos for men, cocktail dresses for women.

On most ships, here is the breakdown:
3 to 4-night cruises include one formal night and two or three casual nights.
5 nights include one formal, one dressy casual and three casual nights.
7-night cruises include two formal nights, one dressy casual night and four casual nights.
10 to 12-night cruises include three formal nights and three dressy casual nights, all other nights are casual.
14 and more night cruises include three formal nights and four dressy casual nights.

All other nights are casual.

All that being said, the main guideline is to not show up at the evening meal in a dining room in cutoffs or tank tops. It just isn’t cool. You might see starched jeans and boots with a jacket on a Texas based cruise which is dressy in any Texan’s mind, but not shorts, swimsuits, or cutoffs.

Enjoy your cruise with Texas Cruise Company.

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