Texas recording artist Jeff Strahan will be one of the featured performers on the TexMex Fandango & Blues Cruise IV set for January 29th – February 5th, 2012. His recent CD, Wayward Son, is drawing plenty of rave reviews from folks who follow music.


The Tex-Mex Fandango & Blues Cruise IV is the creation of Strahan’s friend and fellow recording artist, T. Gozney Thornton. Thornton loves the Texas Blues so much, he asked Jeff Strahan to join him on the 2012 Cruise and Jeff said ‘Yes’!

Here’s more on this Texas original………

Finally. A musician who hasn’t asked me to find them a lawyer.

Jeff Strahan, aka Jeffrey V. Strahan Sr. (pretty lawyer-esque sounding name, huh?,) is a former trial lawyer turned full time musician. He knows Texas law and if it’s something he doesn’t know, he knows how to find the answer, so don’t mess with him.

But he really just wants to be a performing musician now, …..and has wanted to do so all of his life, so now, that’s what he is doing. “It’s rewarding to be able to be an artist and play music, and difficult to be truly happy doing anything else.” That’s a truth that most artistic folks will have to agree with.

Like most real artists, Jeff played or was exposed to music most of his life. Growing up in Lamesa, Texas brought him early opportunities to sing in church and school choirs, and later, his self-termed “3rd generation garage band,” (preceded by his cousins who led the first and second generation garage bands).  This kept him immersed in music while he was in his teen years.

Maybe it was an early realization that making a living as a musician was risky business that brought him to St. Mary’s Law School where he obtained his law degree. He graduated at the top of his class and went on to practice law in El Paso, Texas. El Paso?? “Well, the good thing that came out of being in El Paso was that being so immersed in the Mexican culture helped put tunes in my head that have a cool Mexican flair to them.” Okay, so El Paso may not be all bad after all.

Jeff released his first CD, “A Little North of the Border,” in 2002, and his second, “Along for the Ride” in 2004, both recorded in his home studio in Durango, Colorado.  From Lamesa to El Paso to Durango…..now that’s quite the scenic conglomeration. The move to Durango, and an end to his career as a lawyer came in 1998. “In 1998 my doctor told me that I was terminally ill and would not live much longer. I moved to Colorado and sought to either heal myself or die in the peace and serenity of the Rocky Mountains.” After an intense year of treatment and against all odds, Jeff beat the disease into total submission. While he was in Durango, he met his soul-mate Lois, and with the support of his four kids from a previous marriage, he began to follow his musical calling full time. That road took him out to the Memphis International Blues Challenge for a couple of runs, but in 2008 the road brought him back to Texas where he now resides in New Braunfels with his soon-to-be wife, Lois.

Since 2004, Jeff has recorded 4 more CD’s of original music, including a live album with 22 tunes that comes close to reproducing the energy that you feel when you’re watching and listening to Jeff Strahan live. His latest CD, (Wayward Son, Squaw Peaks Records) is probably his most diverse and strongest studio album to date. He masters the Stratocaster along with the best of them and does equally well playing keys. Sometimes he does both at the same time. He also owns and plays a vintage Hammond B-3 Organ, the ultimate keyboard of early blues, progressive rock and blues-rock bands. When asked to describe his music he calls it “Music that doesn’t suck. – A blend of soulful-country-blues-rock-and folk.” Most people will agree – it doesn’t suck. It’s even pretty good. In some instances, real good.

In an apparent attempt to hide any signs of his former career, Jeff Strahan wears his hair so big it makes Lyle Lovett’s former hairdo look like a crew cut. Not that Jeff is ashamed of being a lawyer, but that was his old life. Now he makes music full time, playing all over Texas, with frequent tours to other parts of the United States, combining his stage training from law school with his natural ability to connect with the audience. Throw in a thirst for writing songs that he can play in front of people, a spirituality that has guided him his whole life, and the intelligence to make it all come together, and you’ve got an Americana act that translates around the globe. Go see him perform or grab a CD and you’ll get a glimpse of what Jeff Strahan is really all about.

Jeff Strahan, a Texas born and bred singer/songwriter, performs often to a packed house as he did at Billy’s Ice in New Braunfels,Texas during his live CD recording. Video produced and posted by Texas Outlaw Video.

Jeff Strahan is a welcome addition to the TexMex Fandango Cruise and we’ve added a new part to the name, we now call it the TexMex Fandango Blues Music Cruise IV.

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