The day has come, and we’re heading down to Mexico on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas. It was a full day, getting checked in and on the ship. Now it’s Fandango Time!

As we pull out of Galveston, we can see the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum. I need to make sure that we go and tour that attraction the next time we are in Galveston. You can take a leisurely, self-guided tour through the retired Ocean Star jack-up rig which now serves as a museum and educational facility. From geological exploration, to drilling, to oil and gas production, you will see offshore drilling equipment, exhibits and videos on three levels of this refurbished offshore drilling rig.

We needed to get one piece of business out of the way and then, it’s 7 days of having a Fandango of a Time! The lifeboat drill is mandatory and is very different from a few years ago. You used to have to go to your cabin, get your life jacket and report to your muster station. You would be standing outside on deck while everyone on shore wondered what the heck we were doing standing on deck in bright orange life jackets!

Now, you only have to report to your muster station, and ours was in the main dining room. We were escorted to sit at tables and wait for the all clear notification.

After the all clear notification, it was time to find T. Gozney Thornton and the gang, for a jam session. The ship is so big and everyone is wandering around totally lost. We had an idea that T. Gozney Thornton and the rest of the gang, would be jamming out by the pool with cocktails in hand.

Yep, they’re here! We settled in with a tropical Piña Colada, and enjoyed listening to T. Gozney Thornton singing and playing his guitar.

The jam sessions are very informal and if you can sing or play an instrument, then come on and join in. A song or two may even be written!

It’s time to head to our rooms and hope our luggage is delivered so we can unpack and get dressed for supper. We are scheduled for the early seating so we can enjoy T. Gozney Thornton and all his guest performers private shows and dance the night away. We have 3 private parties and 1 shipwide party to enjoy dancing and having a Fandango of a time!

Wouldn’t you know it, a piece of our luggage was missing! I’m the travel agent and know better than to try to smuggle items that are not allowed. How embarrassing, I have to go and stand in line (kinda felt like getting into trouble and going to the principal’s office) and explain what’s in my luggage. The inspectors can’t open your luggage without you present, and there were some suspicious bottles of liquid showing up on the x-ray machine! Haven’t they seen the large bottles of shampoo and conditioner before!!! That’s all it was, so they gave me my piece of luggage.

Now to go to our first dining event. When you cruise you might as well know that you can gain 10 or more pounds. They sure don’t starve you! You can not only eat all you want in the main dining room, but you can find food all over the ship. From buffets poolside, pizza and deli items on the promenade, to being able to order room service 24 hours a day, and the food is all included! (There are also other foods offered for a small fee, so if you just have to have a milkshake from Johnny Rockets or an ice cream cone from Ben & Jerry’s, then you’ll just have to splurge and get one!)

The waiters, sang to us tonight. Texas style. They sang songs from Texas, like ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’.

After enjoying our 1st delicious supper, David and I went to the Promenade to people watch and enjoy a cup of coffee. The Promenade is where you will see everyone! You can sit at bistro style tables, sip on a cup of coffee and it feels as though you were in Paris at a little outdoor cafe. Oh, I forgot, we’re on a ship!

We’re on our way to Cozumel, Mexico, and tomorrow is a full day at sea. Enjoy our 1st day photo album, while listening to Augie Meyers song ‘Down to Mexico‘ from his CD ‘Alive and Well at Lake Taco‘.

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