Tex Mex Fandango & Blues Cruise IV Wig Night

Have you ever wanted to go all out and let your hair down and be someone else?  Well you can.  The Tex Mex Fandango Cruise Wig Night is just the time to do this!

Tex Mex Fandango Cruise Wig Night

The cruisers wore their wigs to supper and boy did they turn everyone’s heads!  Even the waiter got confused by who showed up for supper…

At the dance, we all danced and had fun as if we were someone else, but at the end of the night we all made it back to our cabins with our other loved one.

Wig night is on the last night of the cruise and is totally optional.

I’ve always wondered if Blondes have more fun….maybe I’ll be blonde this year!

Enjoy our fun Tex Mex Fandango Cruise Wig Night video while listening to Augie Meyers of the Texas Tornadoes and his song ‘Who Were You Thinkin’ Of’.


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