TexMex Fandango Corn with Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn

This is not just a delicious recipe, but there is a story behind it.  It’s so interesting how things sometimes come together and this is one of those times. It all started because I’m a foodie and I follow other foodies on Facebook.  One of the clubs that I am a member of mentioned a brand new corn that had an interesting story.

I researched this corn further to find that it is grown by Colorful Harvest in California.  Doug Ranno, the original founding partner had a child with severe food allergies.  He was looking for natural foods that she could enjoy and that would boost her nutrition.

Colorful Harvest was designed to be a cutting edge produce company with one foot in tradition and one foot in innovation.  A special variety of sweet red corn was the first to be tested.  Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn has jewel like red kernels that got their color from naturally high levels of an antioxidant called anthocyanins.  This unique corn is tender, sweet and delicious.

After reading all of this, I had to have some!  I found out that it was offered in a couple of stores in San Antonio and Austin.  So off David and I went.  Both locations had some Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn, but it was sold out just minutes after they put it out!  I went home after making a 4 1/2 hour trip each way, really bummed out.  I called to see if I could get the produce departments to special order it for me for our big Tex Mex Fandango event.  They just so happened to have some on the truck to be delivered in a few days!!!!  Lucky us!!!  Not, when it arrived at the stores, once again it sold out when they put it on the shelves.

I researched again to see how I could get my hands on this Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn and went all the way to the top!  This is going to be a very special relationship to be able to create recipes for all our blogs with our new friends.

The Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn arrived by Fed Ex and when I set some of the corn on the bench to take a picture. When I opened a piece of the beautiful corn and stood it up on the bench, a beam of light came through our pecan trees and shined right on the corn.  We couldn’t have set up the lighting better if we were professionals.  It was at this moment that I knew we were going to have a long lasting friendship with Colorful Harvest.

In addition to all of the recipes that I am preparing for our blogs, T. Gozney Thornton had a wonderful recipe that he has named for our event: TexMex Fandango Corn!  It was an event just preparing the TexMex Fandango Corn, but it was well worth it.

T. Gozney and Pam Thornton

After the corn arrived by Fed Ex, we brought the corn over to Pam and T. Gozney Thornton’s house to prepare the TexMex Fandango Corn for our big event.  Here’s the recipe and the step by step instructions on how to make TexMex Fandango Corn with Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn.  I hope you enjoy.  You will need to use the amount of spice you like so there are no exact measurements. For our event we chose to use a prepared mixture of spices, but I have separated out the ingredients so you can prepare it in case you can’t find the spice in the store.  You can use any of your favorite spices and it will taste delicious.

You can download and print the full version of the recipe.  Just click on the title hyperlink below:

TexMex Fandango Corn with Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn


Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn
Fresh Lime Juice
Chili Peppers, ground
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Cayenne Pepper
Cumin, ground
Little Kosher Salt


Carefully pull back the husks, but not removing them from the cob. Remove all the silk. Set the corn aside.

Cut fresh limes in half and squeeze the juice. Pour into a large bowl and set aside.

Dip the corn into the fresh squeezed lime juice and using your free hand, scoop some lime just and rub into the corn. You really want to saturate the corn with the lime juice.

In a small bowl mix together ground Chili Peppers, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Cumin, Salt.

Sprinkle spices onto the corn and rub in. If you are using the spices you mixed, then using a spoon, sprinkle the spices onto the corn and rub in.

Scoop margarine in your hand and rub into the corn firmly. Make sure you totally cover the corn with the margarine.

Pull the husks back over the corn and close the husks around the corn.

Using aluminum foil, place the corn cob at an diagonal and wrap tightly, twisting the ends. You want to make sure that the husks is covering all the kernels of corn and that the foil doesn’t touch the corn.

T Gozney Thornton Roasting the Corn


Keeping your grill on low, place the corn wrapped in the foil on the rack.


Grill the corn for approximately 20 minutes turning after 10 minutes.





Watch the video of the TexMex Fandango event, while listening to T. Gozney Thornton’s #1 hit, ‘Necesito Nada Mas‘.  See how much everyone enjoyed T. Gozney Thornton’s TexMex Fandango Corn with Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn from Colorful Harvest.

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  1. Tamara Rosini-Laney
    Tamara Rosini-Laney says:

    That was Great! Y’all looked like you had a blast! Can’t wait to try this recipe.
    That corn wasn’t the only Jewel in these videos….You are Priceless, Ramona!!
    XXXOOO Tam


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