What is a CruiseTour?

A CruiseTour combines both sea and land travel. This is a perfect way to explore Alaska. The best way to experience the beautiful scenery that Alaska has to offer is from the water. Cruising the dramatic coastline with the whales, glaciers and the forest is just breath taking!

Mt. McKinley

A cruise to Alaska wouldn’t be complete without a journey deep into the heart of Alaska. Visit the historic gold rush town of Fairbanks, the coastal towns of Seward and Alyeska, and the not-to-be-missed journey into Denali National Park, home of Mt. McKinley, North America’s tallest mountain. These are just a few of the cities and highlights of an Alaska Cruisetour.

Alaska is a cruise not to be missed with thousands of miles of shoreline. Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park with it’s highest peak of 20,320 feet, is a giant block of granite that was lifted above the earth about 60 million years ago. The upper half of the mountain is covered with permanent snowfields that feed many glaciers.

There are so many inland sites to visit and you just can’t see them in a day shore excursion. This is why when visiting Alaska you need to also to experience the land tour. Once the cruise portion of our trip is finished, we will board a motorcoach to begin our land adventure.

Royal Celebrity Tours Motorcoach

The motorcoaches are the newest fleet of deluxe Prevost motorcoaches, with television monitors,

adjustable air vents, plenty of overhead storage, and foot rests. We’ll have the same motorcoach driver throughout the entire trip, so there are no worries about our luggage, camera cases or sweaters. Everything will be there, whenever we need it.

Escorting us will be an Adventure Specialist who will give us the scoop on the scenery and will point out the many natural wonders and explain the area’s history and culture.

Glass-Domed Traincar on Wilderness Express®


We’ll also travel by train on the Wilderness Express®, luxurious, glass-domed traincars. With more glass for better viewing, and wide leather seats that recline, face forward or rotate to allow guests to form seating groups, this will be a wonderful way to view all the scenery. You can head to the observation platform for some fresh Alaska air or to get a closer view of a moose in the wild.

See moose, caribou, grizzlies and eagles up close while traveling by our custom, luxurious glass-domed traincars, the Wilderness Express® and our deluxe motorcoaches.

We think you will have an amazing overall experience on this TexMex Fandango to Alaska Cruise and Tour. Great scenery, good friends, and the memories of a lifetime are waiting for you.


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